08 Jan 2010

Banner Printing Techniques

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Banner printing comes with a specific set of considerations most marketing materials don’t have.  so you have to exercise proper planning to ensure your banner marketing efforts transfer from the screen to the banner seamlessly.

Incorporate these banner printing techniques before you go to press to ensure the best possible banner production for your money:

Material and ink

Banners should be both great looking and durable, which is why 13-ounce matte white vinyl is an excellent choice for your banner material. For windy applications, a 9 ounce mesh vinyl will prevent your banner from being torn and still retain the high-quality appearance of vinyl. Large format backdrops used for theatrical productions should be self extinguishing and flame resistant, and conform to National Fire Protection Association standards, which is why non-reflective NFPA compliant, canvas is a great choice for such applications.

For banner longevity, 3M solvent based UV cured inks are fade resistant for years of reuse.

Finishing and hanging

Depending on your banner usage, you should choose between a hem and grommet finish or a pole pocket finish. Hem and grommets let you tie down your banner so it stays put with minimal effort. For a classier look, pole pockets allow you to slide your banner over poles for street-side holiday banners, indoor overheads and campus applications.

Check your proof

You’re not going to get a hardcopy proof for your banner. Instead, your printer will offer an electronic proof. Make sure you check it carefully for any mistakes in text, imagery or colors before going to the printer.

Banner printing is an excellent way to get your message out to a large audience in short time. , so follow these banner printing techniques to make sure you get it right the first time around.

Order in volume

order in bulk to reduce your price per banner. If you’re going to be using the same banner in more than one place at the same time,  This is especially relevant to campuses and cities that hang dozens or even hundreds of the same banners throughout their respective territories on a seasonal basis.

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