18 Jan 2010

Banners Roller Know The Difference

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There are many different models of banner rollers and stand available, but do you know the difference?

The media that a banner stand graphic is printed onto is a main issue that dictates the ultimate cost to the purchaser.
Economy banner stands are usually printed either onto thick paper then over laminated, or banner material .
A paper print should have a fairly high print resolution with vivid, sharp graphics, but paper printed banners tend to tear very easily, even when overlaminated. These are really only usable for non-permanent use and will not last for more than a handful of uses, Vainly banner are durable yet prone to coming apart at the edges. The print is also usually of a lower grade than a standard wide format professional printer.
The banner stand are also major factors in the cost of a stand. There are various companies which are dedicated to manufacturing exhibition stand, many from Europe and China, Stands made in China are mostly mass produced and may be manufactured to a lesser standard than European stands. This will be reflected in the cost that you ultimately pay for the stand. The aluminium that is used may be lighter and the stand less sturdy when it is assembled. These displays rarely last more than a few shows without a technical problem but they are usually the least expensive available.
If you need a display for only a single exhibition and you simply need a banner to add a some interest to your display at a low price, then an economy banner stand may be your best.

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